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When the emergency rooms in the hospitals are crowded and collapsing, in order to get a basic answer we have to wait unnecessary hours, risk infections, and feel unwanted.

We at RDN Medical have decided to change all that.

Quick arrival to you, fast and professional treatment, immediate response to patient complaints.

From today anyone can afford to get VIP treatment at home.

You deserve the best!

And we are here to provide it!

Who is our service suitable for?

The services we provide are suitable for everyone.


People with physical disabilities who are unable to get to the HMO or emergency room.


People who want their privacy, without leaving their comfort zone.


People after surgeries or medical procedures.

Our service includes

General examination by a doctor or paramedic.

General medical examination -  pulse, blood pressure, Sugar lavel, Oxygen saturation.

Providing infusion of fluids and medications.

Treatment of bruises and burns.

Giving pain injections.

Sewing and gluing after injury.

ECG test

Urine test with answer within 6 minutes.

Hemoglobin test with an answer in less than a minute.

Blood pressure Holter.

ECG Holter.

Lung function test.

Covid-19 Test

 We are here for you 24/7



Because you deserve the best

Personal service

We at RDN Medical believe in personal service and close supervision even after the treatment is provided. Each of our customers becomes part of the family.

The RDN Medical family

Skilled medical staff

Our team includes doctors, paramedics and nurses who have years of experience in hospitals, operating rooms and ambulances, a team that knows how to diagnose quickly, give fast and effective treatment.

The most advanced medical equipment

We progress and renew together with medicine every day.
The mobile diagnostic equipment we work with is one of the best and most advanced that exists.
It is important for us to bring you the best.

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Rishon Lezion Muni


Cardinal Tours


Chinese Embassy

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