Covid-19 Test

The Corona virus (Covid-19) has been with us for a long time. We slowly learn to live with it but the situation is not easy, when the mess is celebrated, people close to us get infected and even sick. And we are here to make an order !!!

Want to shorten the quarantine time?

Planning a flight and need a test?

Feeling bad and want to check yourself and your family?


Do not know if it is a cold / flu or corona?

- No need for a referral from the doctor

- Immediate availability for testing

- Quick answers that day

- Official results known for flying abroad

- Get answers online.

We will reach you at your home / workplace, perform the sample, and transfer it quickly to the laboratory.


You will have the answers for PCR test or Antibodies level test up to 10 hours.


We work in full cooperation with  Shamir Medical Center (Asaf Harofe).







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